Cultural exchange if FRANCE? We,ve got you covered.

Welcome to our Tuffe! The COOLEST Village in France….

For a wonderful “Cultural Exchange”

Hello, Bonjour

Want to visit FRANCE (while skipping the usual tourist traps) and on a budget? Tuffe, a Charming and Historic cozy village located just 30 km outside of Le Mans (where the 24 hour car race takes place, 24 heures du mans).

With about 1560 or so +/_ residents, “ALL Commerce/Convenience” meaning we have 2 bakeries, 2 convenient stores, 4 banks, 2 butchers, a medical complex, 4 hairdressers, a famous Chateau and not to forget fine restaurants, hotels and B&B.

Come experience “real French living” by the country and lake sides. Did I say lake…? Yes, the beautiful lake of Tuffe provides 3 star camping, fine restaurants, mini golf, swimming, wall climbing, paddle boats and more. Come enjoy the local fresh products, from freshly made butter to the best homemade cheeses you’ve never tasted, not to mention the wines… If you are looking for an easy, restful adventure on the French countryside, call or write to us, we will help you put together a perfect retreat!

With the spring, summer and fall seasons approaching, come relax with us!

New this year! With the arrival of “Mrs BOLDEN” the village, this charming place has also become a “linguistic destination” meaning you now have choices in services, of host families ready to welcome you in many languages such as English, French, German and more. So “I do not speak or understand French” is no longer a valid excuse! Come see us during a regular holiday, a linguistic one (to learn French or English or any other language) or send us your kids for a “cultural exchange opportunity” of a lifetime.

The village of TUFFE has many programs to offers, from the visits of the Historic Abbaye Notre-Dame to the street(Grande Rue) where the Americans liberated TUFFE in August of 1944(yes it is true, the Americans were there in 1944 protecting and helping to liberate the people of TUFFE, France from the Germans).

Why not consider TUFFE your next vacation destination for the whole family. We promise that you will make new friends and “fall in love” with the “a la francaise style” of living.

Contact us for more detailed info.617 275 5736 or email us  or in France at 33 646 191 175 .