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Awa Bolden

Licensed Sales Representative

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“Services limited to referring prospects to broker”

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timemanagers.un, a “global resource network.” This “network” is at once extremely diverse while it offers a rich and wide array of exciting options to meet every client’s needs and desires. From the purchase of consumer products to the hiring of contractors and tradesmen for home and commercial projects.

Our team members can help you find the perfect restaurant for your special night out or get reservations and discounts for the appropriate and delightful entertainment option for your special event or weekend away.
We can also help you with the more complex Real Estate or Travel decision making. Are you planning on making major product purchases during this difficult economic time? We can help you merge the financial concerns with the critical timing for your purchases. While your hands are busy with other more delicate matters.
Our team members can assist you in decision making bringing to bear on your project the research and expertise that will rescue you. Their skills will help you with the routine or the complicated challenges you may be facing. This is worth a lot since you will gain a financially sound, optimally appropriate, and timely outcomes for your shopping needs.
Our amazing accomplishments speak a lot about our ability and flexibility when it comes to our clients or customers; yet we pride ourselves in our capacity to focus on every single client or customer, addressing their unique situation.